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A fresh start

Some readers may know that our agency story began in 2020. We originally started as a creative marketing agency offering a variety of services, having shared our mutual expertise and passion for design, communications, and brand image with the rest of the world. However, the fluctuations of the past few years have underlined that there is room for growth, as well as a new mindset that creators and business makers must adopt. This would be the moment we realized there was no turning back and that rebranding (the kind that touches on both visual and intrinsic strings) was pretty much inevitable. Holding accountability for the interests behind the work to us seems like a reasonable ground. In a nutshell, we arrived at the conclusion that a profit-only mindset is somewhat of a global disease. Fortunately, it is completely curable. And we decided not only to stand firm with our beliefs but also to effectively address the contemporary marketing demeanor and, hopefully, the way one approaches launching a business.

In short, our philosophy is founded on the notion that we are all intertwined. Businesses, we believe, must collaborate, be responsible, and act with integrity in order to have a favourable impact on the world

bolder agency introduction

Creating a harmonious marketing environment can alter how companies interact with their customers and other businesses. That said, our agency's ultimate goal is to create brands that have a positive effect on people's lives; by altering the world, we transform the future. We choose to collaborate with brands that promote a mindful lifestyle, socially beneficial technologies, and philanthropic efforts. We support all industry sectors that have adopted this mindset. The brand new Bolder fam counts nine impeccable individuals with shared views on marketing and, most importantly, big hearts. Geographically speaking, we can be found almost anywhere between Madrid and Tbilisi. Our team members are looking forward to working and collaborating with any individuals that find our mission inspiring and advocating for similar values in the marketing space.

Next week, we will be publishing the thinking behind our mission statement. Masha Nikitina, our founder, will go over in detail how the brand new Bolder began to solidify and take on a unique contour. We are excited to begin redefining marketing and comms in the coming year!

With love,
Bolder team

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