Bolder rebranding: mapping our journey




But there has never been a dull day. This is the most intense and thoughtful project we've ever worked on, and we can't wait to unravel how Bolder landed at this aesthetic destination!

We started off with a thorough conceptual design analysis of the brand platform. Six foundations for graphic metaphors were derived from it. Some of you may be aware that graphic metaphors are the primary tool of brand identity; the more skillfully they are sampled in terms of semantics, the more precise the visual outcome. We laid out the meanings in order to dig out the fragments and generate the graphic metaphors


We chose three to four graphic metaphors for each of the six fundamentals, and each one was backed by a set of references that reflected the idea. Various techniques were employed in the process, from 2D and 3D graphics to typography and the realms of technology, fashion, art, and architecture. At this point, some design wizardry comes into play: inspiration comes from the associations designers draw from the entirety of their backgrounds

brand identity fundamentals

The fundamentals of the identity game are a combination of several graphic metaphors assembled in varying proportions. In fact, it's a very delicate job that is affected by the smallest of details. We only need to round the corners another 10 degrees to give you a different impression of the product. For this reason, it was absolutely essential to keep the exact ratios of the techniques

We focused on the three key ideas from the richness of options, and then began formulating them in a more tangible way. We extracted key meanings and elements from each key concept. It was the only way to arrive at a more granular definition of what we wished to express through our design. We agreed on three meanings: change, standing out, and being digital

How can graphics be used to communicate change, stand out, and digital in a subtle yet intuitive manner? So we began translating the brand platform's wording into the language of visual topography

translation of brand wording into visual typography

We had to add a touch of the customer's (i.e., our own) emotions in contrast to the raw shades of meaning. “Bolder but Humble” was living rent-free in our heads while we worked on the project :) We craved something sophisticated and slick — nothing flashy or overdesigned. This was a fundamental design factor for us

We came up with the simple and ingenious idea of mapping out our boldness of identity through "the daring to influence the world around us, the nerve to declare that no matter what we are, we can bear impact" after a great deal of final sketching and thinking

bolder work k


"Bolder" means having the courage to influence the world around you, as well as the right to feel relevant and powerful. The logo illustrates how each element's influence on the others happens. Also, every letter changes as it interacts with the next, forming angles and rhythms for the identity's future evolution


We have build the identity's progression on a few geometrically flawed shapes, developing the concept of dependence, and the current infrastructure's ability to transform becomes somewhat novel. This narrative is conveyed via slightly lopsided polygons and ovals formed from the logo's elongated letter O. Each subsequent figure is influenced by the previous one, lending credence to the metaphor of the possibility of change

bolder goals


The lines of inclination and bevel of the letters from the logo are used as an additional element in the text block design. Bevel angles also form a new polygon shape that is used for content and photo masks


A layout shift on the second line is also used as a graphic technique. It creates an additional rhythm in the hierarchy's upper-portion text blocks. This identity encompassed not only external media outlets but also all private memos, ensuring the agency's brand integrity

We’ll be more than glad to get more in depth with any of the aspects of our rebranding in the future, feel free to shout out <3

With love,
Bolder design crew

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