brand strategy

Strong branding
          equals long-term
growth and sales— 
         a principle our work
powerfully affirms.

Strong branding
          equals long-term
growth and sales—a principle
      our work powerfully


Market Research
Brand Platform
Brand Positioning
Tone of Voice & Messaging
Narrative Design
Mission, Vision
Communication Strategy
Brand Growth Strategy

What our
clients say

The amount of work done on each item 
is remarkable!

We are deeply grateful for their work with teasing out our (sometimes vague) ideas for how to formulate what we do, how to display it in our brand assets and on our website landing page. The amount of work done on each item is remarkable — we showed their drafts consistently throughout the process to our partners; everyone is impressed.

Peter Rostovsky

CEO and founder, Raiseway

We are very impressed with the A/B testing results and how well the message has been understood by clients.

The Bolder team have provided us incredible work 
for incredible value. Having helped us develop our brand strategy and contributed massively to our new website copy, we’ve now actioned them to help test and create our GTM strategy. Every piece of work we’ve collaborated on they have been professional,on time and dedicated to providing high quality and impactful work. We couldn’t be happier and will be working with them a lot more going forward.

Booker Woodford

co-founder emote Care

We unite brand essence with customer experience, focusing on identity and strategic consistency. We aim to turn your brand into a valuable asset, transcending products to capture audience emotions and perceptions, embarking on a journey to define your company's global image.

our approach

Your brand is more than just a name or a product; it's the heart and soul of your public perception and reputation. It's what people talk about when you're 
not in the room.
Our core belief is that your brand represents one of the most significant assets in your marketing arsenal—a revenue-generating asset designed to endure and excel.

Our Process

Getting to Know 
Each Other

We dive deep into your company's ethos, values, and ambitions, setting the stage 
for a brand that truly represents you.


Insight is key. Through targeted primary research, we gather the raw data about 
your target audience's needs, preferences, 
and behaviours, ensuring your brand 
speaks their language.


We broaden our horizons with secondary research, analysing market trends, competitor strategies, and industry benchmarks to position your brand effectively.

Brand Platform

Armed with insights, we develop 
a comprehensive Brand Platform that serves as your brand's foundation—defining your brand positioning, messaging, vision, values, personality, product, tokenomics, and unique selling propositions.

Brand Concept

Here, creativity meets strategy. 
We conceptualise your brand, bringing it to life with innovative ideas that resonate with your audience, defining your archetype, Tone 
of Voice, and craft your Look and Feel.

Brand Growth 
Tactics Planning

With a solid brand strategy in place, we plan out actionable growth tactics. From marketing initiatives to brand experience enhancements, we ensure your brand not only launches successfully but continues to thrive.

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