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emote Care

emote Care, an innovative therapy and well-being platform, enhances mental health care accessibility and data privacy, connecting diverse communities with therapeutic services.

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brand strategy
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Our main objective was to develop a brand strategy that highlights emote Care’s unique features, focusing on data privacy, while captivating both therapists and clients. It was crucial to tailor our messaging to align with the fundamental motivations of our target audience.


Project goal

Initiate comprehensive research, establish a robust brand platform, and formulate an integrated strategy for communication and brand growth.







During our research phase, in collaboration with the client's team, we analyzed over 40 interviews with clients and therapists. Additionally, we examined the overall market condition and the communications of other brands. This comprehensive analysis culminated in a research summary and insights, which became the strategic foundation for our subsequent work.

Here are the key insights
from our research:

  1. Empowering Therapists: We focus on validating therapists, providing them with streamlined tools and a supportive community. This empowers them to deliver maximum value to their patients.
  2. Democratizing Mental Health Care Globally: Our strategy aims to make mental health care universally accessible. By doing so, we can connect users to their ideal therapeutic match, regardless of location.
  3. Engaging Solutions: By gamifying data, we create a flexible and personalized user experience that's as straightforward as using a service like Uber. This keeps users engaged and focused on their well-being.
  4. Simple and Genuine Messaging: In a world filled with complex corporate jargon, we stand out by keeping our messaging short, simple, and genuine. This ensures that our technology not only functions efficiently but also resonates with human experiences.

In our research, we uncovered several critical issues impacting the industry. From the market perspective, there's a notable shortage of therapists, coupled with widespread dissatisfaction regarding their working conditions on various platforms. On the client side, a significant concern is the lack of diversity among therapists, making it challenging for clients to find a suitable match.

Interestingly, a major yet less-discussed issue in the market pertains to data privacy and security within well-being apps and health platforms. While this topic is a hot-button issue among tech experts and industry founders, it surprisingly doesn't rank as a primary concern for clients and therapists.

Additionally, ensuring alignment with emote Care's mission and vision was paramount at this stage. To achieve this, we conducted five in-depth interviews with each team member, followed by a workshop. This approach allowed us to delve deeply into the background and motivations of each team member, fostering a strong connection with the company's core values and objectives.



Brand Platform & Concept

We meticulously crafted a comprehensive brand platform, encapsulating essential elements vital for both internal and external communication. This platform lays a robust foundation for our brand-building journey:

Our initial step involved establishing a clear positioning, defining the Brand Positioning and Purpose. Following that, we articulated emote Care’s core values, mission, and vision.

We then developed a compelling value proposition and solidified reasons to believe in a brand, ensuring a holistic and impactful narrative.

Subsequently, we progressed to defining the brand's personality and essence. Recognizing the significance of human-centric communication in our strategy, 
we aimed to imbue the brand with a vibrant, relatable character.

To vividly depict this character, we drew inspiration from various figures in popular culture and employed diverse methodologies. This approach allowed us to effectively communicate the brand's core emotional attributes: 

Care, support, and empowerment, creating a brand image that resonates with warmth and humanity.



Communication Strategy

Following these developments, we seamlessly integrated our efforts into a concise communication strategy, tailored for two primary audiences: therapists and clients. This led to the creation of a communication matrix, effectively summarizing every stage of interaction with our audience.

Furthermore, we established key brand pillars, essential elements that we consistently incorporate in our brand communication. This strategic approach ensures we construct a coherent and compelling narrative, reinforcing our brand's message across all platforms.



Communication examples

During the strategy phase, we presented the client with a variety of examples illustrating the effectiveness of our communication strategy across multiple media and channels. This approach provided a clear, tangible understanding of how our strategic vision would come to life in diverse contexts.




The Bolder team have provided us incredible work for incredible value.

Having helped us develop our brand strategy and contributed massively to our new website copy, we’ve not actioned them to help test and create our GTM strategy. Every piece of work we’ve collaborated on they have been professional, on time and dedicated to providing high quality and impactful work. We couldn’t be happier and will be working with them a lot more going forward.

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