Ovira brand case study: Revolutionizing Women's Healthcare and Smashing Taboos

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In the competitive retail landscape, being a small-medium-sized business can be challenging. To succeed, innovation, creativity, and strategic partnerships are key. 

Ovira, an Australian female-led healthcare startup, has successfully navigated this landscape by revolutionizing women's healthcare and smashing taboos. With their groundbreaking wearable device for menstrual pain relief and their captivating social media content, Ovira has gained a significant following and is changing the conversation around women's bodies. 

We will explore Ovira's journey, its social media success, and the impact they have made in the industry.

Ovira: A Revolutionary Menstrual Pain Relief Solution

Ovira's mission is to connect with people who suffer from period pain, no matter who they are or where they are. Their wearable device provides instant relief for menstrual cramps, offering a non-invasive and drug-free solution. Unlike traditional pain relief methods, Ovira's device targets the source of the pain and provides targeted electrical stimulation to alleviate discomfort. This innovative approach has garnered attention and praise from users worldwide, positioning Ovira as a leader in menstrual pain management.

To further their reach, Ovira partnered with Instagram influencers to create captivating content about the product and its benefits. Through these partnerships, Ovira was able to bring awareness to their device and spread the message of pain relief to a broader audience. 

They have also leveraged social media platforms to engage in conversations about menstrual health, smashing taboos and offering users a new perspective on women's bodies. By engaging in meaningful conversations, Ovira has become a trusted resource for people seeking information on menstrual health. Their unique approach has connected them with thousands of followers, both domestically and internationally.

Ovira's success proves that innovation and creativity can be the difference between success and failure in challenging markets. Their revolutionary device for menstrual pain relief has changed how people talk about women's healthcare, and their use of social media has resonated with users worldwide. In the process, Ovira has revolutionized women's healthcare and smashed taboos around period pain management, creating positive change in the industry as a whole.

Ovira's Social Media Activity: Engaging in Genuine Conversations

Ovira has become a leader in the female health and wellness space by embracing boldness in its messaging and content. They are unapologetic about challenging the stigma that is associated with menstrual pain and women's bodies. 

Through their social media platforms, Ovira is engaging with customers, educating them on topics such as hormonal health issues, while also providing inspiration and support. This has been an important factor in building a loyal customer base. 

Moreover, Ovira has leveraged strategic partnerships to provide access to new markets and reach a wider audience. Recently, they partnered with fitness influencers to promote their product as well as launch campaigns to bring awareness to various women's health issues. These efforts have resulted in multiple positive press releases and contributed to Ovira's rise in the industry.

Ovira’s Looks: A Quick Overview of Visual Identity

Ovira is all about helping women with their health, especially when it comes to dealing with menstrual cramps. Their visual style or 'look' really matches what they're about. It's simple and calming, just like how they want women to feel when they use their products.

They use soft, soothing pastel colors on everything, from their website to their product packaging. These colors are gentle and comforting. They remind you of the relief and calmness that Ovira's products aim to give women during their period.

Ovira's logo is modern and simple, fitting in perfectly with their calm and clean style. The 'O' in their logo stands for a sense of wholeness and balance, which is what Ovira wants to give every woman.

The same simple, soft-colored style is applied everywhere you see Ovira, whether it's on their website, product packaging, or social media. They even show photos of their product in everyday situations. This helps to make talking about periods and menstrual health more normal and less of a big deal.

This matching up of their visual style with what they're all about is a key part of Ovira's strategy. By picking colors and designs that feel as calm and comforting as their product makes you feel, Ovira is not just selling a product. They're changing the way people think and feel about periods and menstrual health.

Ovira's Collaboration with Klarna: A Path to Success

To further expand its reach and increase brand awareness, Ovira partnered with Klarna, a leading payment solutions provider. The collaboration aimed to bring Ovira new shoppers, increase purchases, and create long-lasting brand awareness. 

The results of the Klarna campaign were outstanding, with a large uplift in revenue driven by Klarna, as well as overall revenue excluding Klarna transactions. Ovira's abandoned cart audiences saw great returns, and repeat purchases exceeded expectations.

"Overall, our team was delighted with the outcomes of the Klarna campaign. We had great returns from our abandoned cart audiences and were pleasantly surprised by the uptick in repeat purchases. The Klarna team was incredibly helpful, and we can't wait to work together again!" - Vicky Lee, Ovira.

Ovira's TikTok Success: Education and Empowerment

Ovira's TikTok Success: Education and Empowerment

Ovira's presence on TikTok, the popular social media platform, has been nothing short of a viral sensation. With over a million followers, the brand has utilized TikTok as a powerful tool for education and empowerment. 

Recognizing the opportunity to connect with young women who crave authentic and relatable content, Ovira shifted its strategy to focus on educating its audience about their bodies and sexual health. By using humor and tackling taboo topics head-on, Ovira has successfully captured the attention and engagement of TikTok users.

How Ovira's Following Grew Substantially on TikTok

TikTok is a platform that thrives on authentic and relatable content, making it an ideal platform for Ovira to connect with its target audience. Ovira's TikToks, which cover a range of topics from vaginal health to menstrual cup usage, have garnered millions of views and likes. 

By addressing taboo subjects such as vaginal bleaching, period blood clots, and clitoral stimulation, Ovira has created a safe space for open discussions and successfully destigmatized periods. Their educational content has resonated with TikTok users, resulting in a substantial increase in followers and engagement.

The Impact of Ovira's TikTok Success

Ovira has transcended its role as a period pain relief brand and has become a trusted resource for young women seeking information about their bodies. The brand's TikTok account has become a platform for answering questions and providing guidance to its followers. 

Ovira has received an influx of messages from individuals worldwide, expressing their gratitude for the educational content and considering it a valuable resource that surpasses the reproductive health curriculum taught in schools. As a result of their TikTok success, Ovira has experienced a significant increase in website visits and sales.

Ovira's Social Media Strategy: Education, Representation, and Engagement

Ovira's social media success extends beyond TikTok. The brand has effectively utilized platforms like Instagram to promote education, representation, and engagement. Their raw, honest, and relatable content has resonated with followers, resulting in a substantial Instagram following of over 169k.

Shattering Stereotypes and Taboos on Instagram

Ovira's TikTok Success: Education and Empowerment

Ovira's Instagram content challenges stereotypes and tackles taboo topics surrounding women's health. By openly discussing subjects like PCOS, periods, and painful sex, Ovira aims to educate its audience and smash stigmas. Their content fosters conversations, empowers women, and helps restore positive social norms. Ovira's commitment to destigmatizing women's health issues has attracted followers who appreciate her raw and relatable approach.

Fostering an Engaged Community through User-Generated Content (UGC)

In the early stages of building brand awareness, Ovira focused on understanding its customers and target audience. They leveraged user-generated content (UGC) to ensure their Instagram followers felt represented, regardless of their background. By sharing UGC featuring their customers and their journeys, Ovira has created a sense of community and inclusivity. This approach has been powerful in showing their commitment to serving their entire audience, irrespective of shape, age, race, or orientation.

Visual Planning for Success with Plann

To streamline its social media strategies, Ovira embraced the use of Plann, an all-in-one social media suite. Plann's visual-first workspace, with drag-and-drop functionality, allowed the Ovira team to ideate, develop, and execute their content plans seamlessly. The ability to preview the visual layout of their feed ensured a cohesive and visually appealing representation of the brand. Plann's user-friendly interface, complete with an image library and strategy tools, provided a breath of fresh air for the Ovira team.

"Plann has been a game-changer for us. It has allowed us to plan, create, and schedule content with ease. Seeing our feed in advance and ensuring visual consistency have been vital in increasing brand recognition." - Georgia Finney, Ovira's Creative Lead.


Ovira, a trailblazing Australian female-led healthcare startup, has made significant strides in revolutionizing women's healthcare and smashing taboos. From their groundbreaking wearable device for menstrual pain relief to their captivating social media content, Ovira has gained a substantial following and is changing the conversation around women's bodies. 

Through strategic partnerships, like the one with Klarna, and their success on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, Ovira has demonstrated its commitment to education, representation, and empowerment. As they continue to disrupt the industry and provide innovative solutions, Ovira's impact will undoubtedly extend far beyond their growing community of followers.

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