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I'm Hanna, a writer and content manager at Bolder, a creative agency dedicated to brands that champion global good and social impact. Given our focus, it is natural that I feel drawn to exploring subjects like sustainability and mindful shopping—trends that are gaining significant traction, particularly here in Europe.

A major part of this exploration led me to Vinted, an online platform that embodies these principles by facilitating second-hand item exchange. It allows you to not only refresh your wardrobe but also earn a little extra pocket money. But, my initial venture onto the platform was steep. 

First Attempts

To start with, I was unfamiliar with how Vinted operates. Hearing about my friend Raquel's success story as an illustrator using the platform post-lockdown piqued my interest. However, my first attempt at listing items yielded no results, highlighting the platform's competitiveness.

A month later, my artist friend Yolanda shared her thriving Vinted experiences. She hosted a unique Vinted/Not Vinted home party, sparking discussions on whether to sell or keep items. Witnessing her bustling profile with over 100 items and engaging interactions with customers unveiled the platform's sustainable possibilities. By the way, Vinted's business concept was conceived during a party, as mentioned by Vinted's CEO Milda Mitkute in an interview.

Now, in 2023, I'm fully immersed in the Vinted community, all thanks to a life-altering journey ignited by a single bag.

The bag in question

I found a gorgeous bag at a boutique, but it was too expensive at 250 euros. So, I decided to check if I could find it for a better price on Vinted. Luckily, I came across two sellers offering the same bag at much lower prices: one for just 60 euros and another at half the original price. Since I already had 50 euros in my Vinted account, I only needed to add a bit more and cover the shipping costs to make the purchase. 

Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned. The seller didn't respond, and Vinted had to refund my payment. It was a lesson that selling items on Vinted doesn't always guarantee consistent communication with buyers.

The plot twist

Another seller had the bag listed at half the original price - 120 euros. It looked brand new with a label. However, it still required an additional investment of 70 euros, plus postage and shipping costs. To cover these expenses, I listed more items on Vinted. Within two weeks, I made around 80 euros from four successful sales, once the buyers confirmed their satisfaction with the items.

Interestingly, the bag purchase led to a meaningful connection. The seller, a creative director from Rotterdam, was involved in organizing intentional spaces for black women. This encounter showcased Vinted's role as more than a marketplace for designer items—it facilitates meaningful connections and community building across Europe.

On Vinted, I noticed a trend with higher-priced items above 30-40 euros. Users often favor them but hesitate to make the purchase. In contrast, my selling strategy targeted unique, higher-priced pieces rather than smaller transactions, aligning with my intention to explore and embrace Vinted as a platform for distinctive finds.

Marketing Strategy and New Features

By taking a closer look at how Vinted has disrupted the local business chain and called out the fashion industry, we can better understand their success as a sustainable fashion marketplace. 

Vinted's Marketing Strategy in a Nutshell

- Creating an inclusive community for fashion enthusiasts

- Emphasizing conscious consumerism and the benefits of pre-loved items

- Leveraging social media and influencer collaborations

- Showcasing real users' success stories to build trust

- Highlighting user-friendly interface, secure transactions, and diverse item selection

- Promoting environmental sustainability through a circular economy approach

- Harnessing word-of-mouth marketing and user-generated content

Vinted Go

In 2022, the platform Introduced new service called Vinted Go for international selling and shipping. It now helps to:

- Expand sellers' reach to potential buyers worldwide

- Simplify the shipping process for international transactions

- Increase opportunities for cross-border transactions and global connections

Recent Changes on the Platform

Vinted went a big journey since its inception in 2008 and its state of today. As of 2023, it just keeps on getting better. 

- Enhanced user experience with improved search functionality and personalized recommendations

- Introduction of Vinted Bump for increased listing visibility

- Implementation of Vinted Protect for added security and buyer protection.

- Expansion of the Vinted community, attracting users from diverse countries and demographics

- Focus on community engagement through commenting, private messaging, and forums

Empowering Local Vintage Businesses

Vinted's impact extends beyond individuals—it has revolutionized local vintage businesses in small cities and remote areas. Take, for example, a vintage store owner in Limassol, Cyprus. Before Vinted, sourcing inventory involved costly trips to Athens and London. However, Vinted changed the game entirely.

With Vinted's delivery system and expansive user base, this store owner found newfound ease in sourcing inventory. The availability of local pick-up and drop-off points removed bureaucratic hurdles, enabling him to acquire a diverse selection of high-quality vintage pieces directly from closets across Europe.

The results were remarkable. The store's inventory expanded, attracting local customers and drawing fashion enthusiasts from other regions. Collaborations with Vinted users flourished, creating a thriving ecosystem benefiting both the store owner and the community.

Vinted's impact on small businesses is undeniable. By breaking down barriers and expanding reach, it reshapes traditional retail and empowers local economies. It exemplifies the transformative potential of conscious consumerism, fostering connections and driving positive change in the vintage fashion landscape.

More Reasons

Looking to put your company up on Vinted? Here are seven legitimate reasons for local business owners to consider buying and selling on Vinted:

1. Expanded Reach

Vinted provides a platform to reach a vast community of fashion enthusiasts across Europe. By listing products on Vinted, local business owners can tap into a broader customer base, increasing exposure and potential sales.

2. Cost-Effective Sourcing

Vinted offers an efficient and cost-effective way to source inventory. Instead of incurring expenses associated with travel and international shipping, business owners can discover a wide range of pre-loved items directly from Vinted's user community.

3. Enhanced Sustainability

By embracing Vinted, local businesses contribute to the circular economy and promote sustainable fashion practices. Buying and selling pre-loved items reduces waste and supports eco-conscious shopping habits, aligning with growing consumer demands for environmentally-friendly options.

4. Collaborative Opportunities

Vinted fosters collaborations and partnerships with other sellers and individuals passionate about fashion. Business owners can connect with like-minded individuals, leading to potential collaborations, cross-promotions, and shared resources.

5. Customer Insights

Vinted provides valuable insights into consumer preferences and trends. By engaging with the Vinted community, local business owners can gain a deeper understanding of their target audience, allowing them to curate their inventory more effectively and tailor their offerings to meet customer demands.

6. Boosting Local Economy

Embracing Vinted supports the local economy by bringing additional revenue to the community. When local businesses thrive on the platform, it encourages a cycle of economic growth, benefiting not only the businesses themselves but also other local stakeholders.

7. Building Brand Reputation

 Active participation on Vinted can enhance a local business's brand reputation as a forward-thinking and sustainable retailer. It showcases the business's commitment to ethical practices, attracting socially-conscious consumers who value businesses with a positive social and environmental impact.

Consumer Insights and Tips

My time on Vinted has significantly transformed my consumption habits, shifting me away from traditional retail shopping. The platform brims with unique items waiting for new owners. My experiences led to some observations and tips that I'd like to share with both individuals seeking to update their style and business owners sourcing from Vinted:

Explore Before Purchasing

Before making online purchases, consider browsing and selling on Vinted. Often, you'll find those coveted designer clothes or new Asics in your size. Keep Vinted in mind before any substantial purchase.

Communication is Key

Communication is crucial for Vinted. Don't shy away from asking for more pictures of an item of interest, and message buyers if you have doubts. I realized this when I requested clearer images of a supposed burgundy silk shirt that turned out to be purple with acid-green stripes.

Honesty is Paramount

As a seller, honesty in your item descriptions and communication with buyers is paramount. If an item isn't up to standard, it is better to cancel the sale if you discover something is wrong with the item you are selling than disappoint the buyer. 

Bulk Upload for Better Visibility

Boost your seller profile by uploading several items at once when starting to sell on Vinted. From personal experience, around 25 to 40 things seem to make a good start and can increase your chances of quick sales.

Resale Can Be Addicting

Worried about reaching the 25-item mark? Once you start buying and selling vintage pieces, it becomes addicting, and you'll soon find yourself parting with a few pounds of items you never thought you would.

Local Connections Can Save Costs

Consider local sellers to save on shipping costs. It's a great way to connect with others in your city - like the time I connected with a perfume enthusiast who sold items and turned out to be a renowned female poet in Madrid. We avoided shipping costs and gained an unexpected friendship.

Save searches

It's a great strategy if you are trying to hunt for a specific item without relying on your memory. Save searches to ensure that this designer leather jacket appears on your feed and gets to your home.

Keep an eye on bundles

Although not a widely adopted practice on Vinted, some sellers do offer bundle discounts, allowing you to enjoy additional savings when buying multiple similar items from them. Or, alternatively, earning enough to cover the shipping costs.

Bargain wisely

While it's acceptable to engage in bargaining, as a person contacted (a fellow seller) who understands the true value of the item, I expect respectful behavior. I won't tolerate accepting rock-bottom prices for the buyer's fun. Show respect to the seller by refraining from crossing those boundaries.

Discover More Than Clothing

Finally, Vinted's inventory isn't limited to clothing. It generally applies to various categories of unwanted items. It also houses porcelain tea sets, Murano glass items, books, unique jewelry, and even old baby clothes. Prepare to be amazed by the variety Vinted has to offer.

Important Vinted Drawbacks to Consider

Vinted, like any second-hand item platform, is not all sun and glitter. Here are five important considerations to keep in mind while using it:

1. Potential Communication Gaps

Like any online marketplace, communication with sellers on Vinted can sometimes be challenging. Sellers may be slow to respond or, in some cases, not respond at all.

2. Dependence on Seller Honesty

While many Vinted users are honest about the condition and best price of their items, there's always a risk of misleading descriptions. It's crucial to thoroughly scrutinize the images and engage in conversations with the seller to avoid disappointments.

3. Shipping Delays and Costs

Delivery times can vary greatly depending on the seller's location. Shipping costs can also add a significant amount to your purchase, especially for international transactions. 

4. Limited Seller Accountability

Once a buyer confirms receipt and satisfaction with an item, the transaction is considered complete, and the money is released to the seller. If any issues arise after this point, there is limited recourse available.

5. Inconsistent Quality

The quality of items on Vinted varies greatly. It's essential to take time to sift through listings and find pieces that meet your standards. 

6. Buyers pay fees

If you receive an item that doesn't fit or meet your expectations, you are probably the person paying the return costs. That means you will have to read the item description of the item you are willing to buy carefully.

Venturing Beyond Vinted

As we navigate towards a more conscious and sustainable future, Vinted is not the only platform that champions this cause. There are various platforms that cater to different tastes and preferences:

Vestiaire Collective

If your taste leans more towards luxury brands and vintage high-fashion, Vestiaire Collective is an excellent platform. Their rigorous authentication process ensures the quality and authenticity of every item, providing a trustworthy space for the exchange of pre-owned designer goods.


Known for its retro and street-style offerings of beauty products, Depop is a digital marketplace that's popular among younger audiences. It's an ideal platform if you are looking for unique, edgy clothing and accessories.


ThredUP is an online consignment and thrift store, offering a vast range of women's and kids' fashion items. With an emphasis on affordability, it's an excellent choice for budget-conscious shoppers.


If handmade, vintage, and unique items are your preference, Etsy is the place for you. The platform hosts an impressive collection of independent sellers offering one-of-a-kind items.


As one of the oldest online marketplaces, eBay offers a wide variety of items. Whether you're looking for vintage finds, designer pieces, home accessories, or everyday items, eBay likely has them. And it’s great for selling clothes.


Poshmark is a social commerce platform where users can buy and sell new or used clothing, shoes, and accessories. The community aspect of the platform makes it fun and engaging.


From the thrill of scoring that dream bag at a fraction of the price to the addictive cycle of buying, then selling things, and embracing the circular economy, Vinted has forever transformed my perspective on consumption. With over 20 sold items via my Vinted account, I keep on learning new tricks every day. 

I am not the only one to believe in Vinted’s success - the platform has successfully secured significant funding throughout its journey. According to Crunchbase, the company has raised an impressive total of $562.3 million in funding across seven funding rounds. In the latest funding round in 2021, Vinted raised €250 million, with EQT Growth serving as the lead investor. 

Together, we can shape a future where fashion is not only a means of self-expression but also a force for positive social and environmental impact. Stay with us to learn more about conscious fashion, sustainability, and consumer advice. 

With love, 

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