Decoding the importance of social media strategy for responsible brands

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Bolder is advocating for the responsible brands community with all the fibers of our heart. Truth is, the majority of responsible brands are struggling with social media strategies for a large variety of reasons.


Our team believes that in order to grow stronger, these brands need to learn how to cope with these challenges through learning new communication tips and useful mechanisms. So, what are the factors causing conscious brands to face social media strategy related challenges?

/ Smaller, more responsible brands may have fewer resources, making it difficult to devote time and resources to social media. This can make determining and implementing a consistent and effective social media strategy difficult for these companies

/ Incoming competition from larger brands is a huge factor. Responsible brands may find it difficult to compete on social media with larger, more established brands. These larger brands may have more resources and a larger following, making it difficult for smaller, more responsible brands to gain attention

/ Responsible brands may have a limited advertising budget, which can make it difficult for them to reach a wider audience through paid social media advertising

/ Difficulty in standing out: With so much content being shared on social media, responsible brands may find it difficult to stand out and get noticed

In the interim, it is critical for responsible brands to use social media strategically and to focus on developing a strong online presence through consistent, high-quality content and engagement with followers. They can increase their visibility and reach on social media while also building a loyal following of customers and fans. A social media strategy is especially important for responsible brands because it allows the brand to communicate its values and mission to a larger audience. It allows the brand to tell its story and connect with like-minded people and organizations.

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Influencers can play a significant role in communicating a brand's values through social media (to learn more about influencer marketing agencies features, head over to our partners’ article). However, for influencer marketing agency to be effective, its activity should be integrated into the overall social media strategy, which should also include the following steps:

/ Sharing content that is consistent with the brand's values and mission: This could include articles, blog posts, and other types of content demonstrating the brand's commitment to social and environmental responsibility

/ Responding to comments and reviews, answering questions, and engaging in discussions about important issues related to the brand's mission are all examples of meaningful engagement with followers and customers

/ Participation in relevant social causes and initiatives: A responsible brand can use social media to promote and support causes that are consistent with its values and mission. This could include disseminating information about charitable initiatives, volunteer opportunities, or other ways to participate

A responsible brand's social media strategy should ultimately focus on establishing trust and authenticity with customers and followers. A brand can establish itself as a trusted and reliable source of information and products by consistently demonstrating its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.


These brands serve as excellent examples of successful social media strategies.


is a Swedish fashion brand that focuses on sustainability and ethical production. The company uses organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Tencel, a sustainable cellulosic fiber made from wood pulp, in its clothing and accessories. Dedicated also works with factories that adhere to high ethical standards, including fair wages and safe working conditions. The brand is widely known for its commitment to transparency. It publishes detailed information about its supply chain and production processes on its website, including information about the factories it works with and the materials it uses.

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is a French footwear and clothing brand known for its emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility. In its products, the company uses organic cotton, recycled polyester, and wild rubber from the Amazon rainforest. By using these materials, Veja is able to reduce its reliance on petroleum-based synthetic materials and minimize the environmental impact of its production processes. The brand is also committed to fair labor practices: they collaborate with cooperatives and small-scale producers in developing countries, and are a member of the Fair Labor Association, a non-profit organization that promotes fair labor practices in the apparel industry. Veja is also involved in a number of initiatives to promote environmental and social sustainability in addition to mentioned practices.


is a clothing company well-known for its environmental stewardship. The company maintains an active social media presence, where it shares information about its environmental initiatives as well as information about its products and services. Patagonia also interacts with its followers by addressing questions and concerns, as well as promoting environmental causes.

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