10 Effective Strategies to Boost Brand Awareness



What is the secret of creating lasting brand awareness? You could argue that it is having a huge budget for advertising.

Yes, that could be instrumental, but here’s the thing: even with all the money in the world, you still need the right strategy.

If you wish for your brand to be remembered as Apple, for instance (which is doable, by the way), there are specific, strong brand awareness strategies you need to implement.

So let’s start with a definition, and move on to 10 battle-tested brand awareness strategies for 2024 and beyond.

What is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is all about how well consumers know your brand. It's measured by how easily people recognize your logo, name, products & services, and other aspects of your brand. It’s vital for businesses, as it will push someone to choose your product or service over your competitors.

Ever stopped to think about why certain companies stick in your mind, even if you've never bought anything from them? It's all about their brand awareness. This means that consumers know about and recognize their brands, even if they haven't directly used their products and services.

Why is brand awareness important? If you want more sales long-term, build brand awareness. Here are 10 brand awareness strategies that we guarantee will not disappoint.

10 Brand Awareness Strategies

Social Media Magic

Meta, Twitter, and YouTube seize the attention of billions. Thus, it is possible to realize why any brand should use social media to increase brand awareness.

One striking example of social media used right was the brand awareness campaign of GoPro in 2018. That year, the camera company had just launched their newest camera, the GoPro Hero7. please link here where the brand awareness campaign of GoPro explained.

To commemorate its debut, they launched a competition that let users share moments captured with the Hero7 camera. They could then showcase their clips on YouTube.

This user-generated content strategy was GoPro's jackpot. Over 25,000 footages were submitted—much more than anticipated. As a result, GoPro cameras flew off shelves, raising brand awareness.

Harness Influencer Partnerships

Remember that time when your favorite celebrity endorsed a product and you suddenly wanted it? That's influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is another brand awareness strategy you can harness to improve brand recognition.

Of course, cutting partnership deals with major influencers like 'The Rock' can cost a small fortune. But you can leverage micro-influencers on social media platforms with small armies of followers.

You will find that leveraging micro-influencers is an infinitely better bargain. Their followers (from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands) are highly engaged and targeted at a specific niche or community.

And with a connection like that, imagine you could do with a small army of micro-influencers.

Focus on Content Creation

For 99% of businesses building brand awareness, content is, and always will be, king. It's the very thing that gets your foot in the door in terms of getting seen online.

Create information or instructional materials to keep readers coming back for more. Or, if you like, combine social media, and engaging content and let user-generated content do the rest.

Need help crafting compelling content that resonates with your audience? Contact us today, and let's explore how we can enhance your online presence together.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Sure, you’ve created excellent content, however, have you optimized it? If creating a blog is part of your brand awareness efforts, you need SEO. You need your brand to naturally rank at the top of search engine results.

It’s like having a Batman signal that forces web users to look at your brand. Even if you have all the money in the world to build the best brand on Earth, it still won't get you discovered in search results. That’s why SEO is so great—it helps in creating brand awareness.

Email Marketing Mastery

We cannot emphasize enough the power of building an email list. Niel Patel (also write who is he? ) once said, "Out of all the channels I tested as a marketer, email continually outperforms most of them."

It’s like having a hotline in your audience’s inbox. Which means having the means to nurture leads, grow relationships, and establish brand awareness in their minds.

The key is to make each message personalized for each recipient through targeted email campaigns. Just imagine your brand being the one your audience eagerly awaits hearing from because they get great news and helpful tips.

Harness the Power of PR

There are many reasons for a business to have some public relations efforts. The primary reason is to increase public awareness of your brand and its products.

A good PR marketing effort allows you to reach a wider target audience, provide more people with information about your brand, and help you measure brand awareness.

Lastly, good PR sings in your brand voice and tells its story. Our branding agency has done just that for years now, earning clients a solid reputation among customers.

Get Creative with Guerrilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is a way to drive publicity. And, as a result, increases brand awareness by using unconventional methods designed to evoke surprise or shock.

Here is an example of such marketing. UNICEF asked people to stop overthinking bottled water and donate the money to help areas that have issues with bringing clean drinking water.

They set up vending machines to look like a Unicef stand, but they sold only dirty bottled water. All the buttons represented the diseases that had happened because the affected areas did not have clean drinking water.

The guerrilla marketing proved effective for learning about UNICEF's mission. You can do the same. The key is to be creative and bring an element of surprise.

Host Engaging Events

In the digital age, the reach of events extends far beyond physical attendance. There is something special about meeting people live. Whether you are hosting a virtual webinar, launching a product, or having a gig, you will have a great time with audience.

You get a chance to grow lifelong memories with them and have a more profound connection with your brand. It is like allowing your target audience to be a part of your family and allowing them to dip into your story.

Collaborate for Success

Two heads are better than one. You know what's better? Two brands coming together to make an unstoppable duo. For example, when Adidas teamed up with the toy company Lego, it was a powerful match. The union enabled each brand to reach their customers through a line of Adidas shoes designed in Lego style.

As these brands cater to similar audiences, they managed to create a line of shoes that catered to both demographics. This collaboration was used to raise brand awareness for both parties.

Focus on storytelling

Use storytelling as a powerful emotional pillar in your brand's marketing efforts. It works like magic. For example, Nike, in its brand awareness campaigns, often pushes narratives about the human spirit and the power of will.

This has helped the brand connect with customers on an emotional level. Now when you hear "Just do it," you know what brand is being talked about. Nike!

Wrapping Up

Well, you now have plenty of ideas for increasing brand awareness. Use these strategies to make your brand stand taller than the competition.

Measuring brand awareness efforts can be a bit tricky. The trick is to set a measurable goal before ever starting out.

However, do not forget that the best strategies are only those that are creative, humorous, and consistent. Feeling stuck? Our branding services can breathe fresh life into your brand awareness efforts--and you won't have to break a sweat.

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