The client

Sorting Robotics

Sorting Robotics is revolutionizing the cannabis industry with cutting-edge hardware and software. Founded by a former NASA-JPL engineer and his co-founder, the company has dedicated over five years to creating innovative robotic solutions. 

These advancements target automation gaps in the sector, aiming to enhance the value chain and profit margins for producers and integrated businesses.

/Area of work

content strategy
social media management
email marketing






The main challenge we faced was the need to convey the value of a comprehensive, very technical product to diverse, decentralized audiences in a complex cannabis market undergoing many changes.


Project goal

Bolder was assigned to develop a complete content strategy, incorporating platforms such
as Instagram, LinkedIn, and Email communication.

Our responsibility extended to creating and overseeing the content across these diverse channels on monthly bases.






Content Strategy

Developing a Content Strategy for Instagram, LinkedIn, and Email, focusing on organic growth

Bolder devised a bespoke content strategy aimed at bolstering organic growth across Instagram, LinkedIn, and Email. This strategy was meticulously crafted, drawing on in-depth audience insights, product nuances, and market dynamics. By dissecting and prioritizing diverse topics for each platform, we ensured that our content not only resonated deeply with our target audience but also leveraged the unique strengths and user behaviours inherent to each platform.

The essence of our approach was a harmonized yet platform-specific content plan, enabling SR to engage effectively with its community, drive meaningful conversations, and ultimately, achieve its growth objectives organically. This strategic initiative underscored the importance of a data-driven and tailored content strategy in navigating the complexities of today's digital landscape, setting a new benchmark for SR in its digital marketing endeavours.



copy and design guidelines

To further refine the content strategy, Bolder developed comprehensive copy and design guidelines that served as the bedrock for consistent and efficient content creation across the selected platforms.

These guidelines were meticulously crafted to encapsulate Sorting Robotic's core brand message, ensuring that every piece of content, irrespective of the platform, resonated with the brand's ethos and communicated effectively with the audience.

Simultaneously, we introduced flexibility within these guidelines to accommodate monthly updates and foster creativity. This approach not only streamlined the content creation process but also empowered us to maintain a dynamic and engaging presence that could adapt to evolving market trends and audience preferences.



Content creation on monthly bases

Our approach for Sorting Robotics encompassed monthly content creation tailored to audience engagement, coupled with comprehensive reporting to gauge effectiveness and fine-tune strategies.

Each quarter, we undertook a meticulous strategy revision to ensure our content approach remained agile—perfectly aligned with the rapidly evolving market trends and audience preferences. This proactive and adaptive methodology guaranteed that the content strategy consistently resonated with its target audience, fostering organic growth and deepening brand engagement.



E-Mail Marketing

Within the multifaceted content strategy, email marketing emerged as a key channel for engaging with a warm audience, enabling us to foster deeper connections through personalized content.

By meticulously crafting and dispatching six targeted emails on a monthly basis, we not only maintained consistent communication with Sorting Robotic's audience but also harnessed the power of direct engagement to bolster brand loyalty and drive meaningful interactions.



Impressions surged

by 372%

Content interactions increased

by 351%

Website traffic experienced a

60% growth

These achievements underscore our commitment to driving significant engagement and visibility for Sorting Robotic's online presence.



The Bolder team have provided us incredible work for incredible value.

Having helped us develop our brand strategy and contributed massively to our new website copy, we’ve not actioned them to help test and create our GTM strategy. Every piece of work we’ve collaborated on they have been professional, on time and dedicated to providing high quality and impactful work. We couldn’t be happier and will be working with them a lot more going forward.

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