The client


Demi revolutionizes composting for Chicago's urban residents, offering sleek bins and effortless pick-up services. Tailored for the convenience of the urban dweller, Demi simplifies the composting process, eliminating the hassle and mess. 

This innovative approach not only facilitates individual contributions to sustainability but also paves the way for a collective movement towards a food waste-free future.

/Area of work

social media management
content strategy





Bolder took on the task of crafting 
a comprehensive content strategy 
for Demi, focusing on leveraging Instagram and LinkedIn to boost brand visibility. 

Our role involved the monthly creation and management 
of content across these varied platforms, ensuring consistent and effective communication.


Project goal

Developing a Content Strategy
for Instagram and LinkedIn, focusing
on organic growth;

Created creative copy and design guidelines and templates;

Produced and promoted content across the various channels.





Content Strategy

Developing a Content Strategy for Instagram and LinkedIn, focusing on organic growth;

Bolder developed a tailored content strategy for Demi, focusing on organic growth through Instagram and LinkedIn. This strategy, rooted in detailed audience insights and market analysis, effectively harnessed each platform's strengths to deeply engage the target audience. We strategically selected topics to ensure content relevance and resonance across platforms.

This unified yet differentiated approach helped Demi connect with its community, sparking significant conversations and driving organic growth. Highlighting the power of a data-driven strategy, Bolder's work with Demi illustrates the impact of thoughtful content curation in the modern digital arena, establishing new standards for the brand's digital marketing efforts.



Developing copy
and design guidelines

Bolder honed Demi's content strategy by establishing detailed copy and design guidelines, ensuring consistency and efficiency in content creation across platforms. These guidelines, tailored to Demi's brand identity, guaranteed that all content aligned with the brand’s ethos, regardless of the platform.

We also incorporated flexibility for monthly updates and creative freedom, streamlining content production while adapting to market trends and audience shifts. This strategy not only made content creation more efficient but also kept Demi’s digital presence dynamic and engaging.



Content creation on monthly bases

Bolder's strategy for Demi included monthly content tailored for audience engagement and thorough reporting to refine our tactics. Quarterly, we revised our strategy to stay in sync with changing market trends and audience needs. This agile approach ensured Demi's content continuously engaged its audience, supporting organic growth and stronger brand connections.



Our strategic initiatives led to remarkable results in just a month:

Impressions surged
on LinkedIn

by 1890%

Content interactions

by 9600%

Instagram impressions

by 247%

The followers base
organically grew

by 15%



The Bolder team have provided us incredible work for incredible value.

Having helped us develop our brand strategy and contributed massively to our new website copy, we’ve not actioned them to help test and create our GTM strategy. Every piece of work we’ve collaborated on they have been professional, on time and dedicated to providing high quality and impactful work. We couldn’t be happier and will be working with them a lot more going forward.

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