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Co. is an international platform designed to transform the urban living experience for various city dwellers, including travellers, digital nomads, and local residents.
By creating the multilayered digital system, Co. aims to reshape how people engage with cities.

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Co. began as a startup villa for entrepreneurs and co-living spaces and has grown into a multifaceted digital ecosystem that alters the urban living experience for both locals and visitors. The challenge lies in crafting brand positioning and identity that upholds the project's heritage and social value and lucidly conveys its novel essence, representing an entirely unique product without existing counterparts.


Project goal

The project's goal is to devise
a brand strategy, create a visual identity, break down the identity across various digital and beyond mediums to reflect the new positioning and strengthen the communication of Co.



Shaping the
brand strategy

Meet Co.'s target audience: digital nomads. These aren't the average tourists. They're folks settling in new places worldwide, not just visiting. They need more than sightseeing; they need workspaces, housing, and a way to fit into the local scene. While researching and exploring different ideas, we found that the most valuable thing Co. provides is enabling digital nomads to quickly pass through the adaptation stage in a new location. It's all possible through Co.'s functional services like food delivery, appointments with artisans, housing search, cleaning, and transportation. Add in the leisure services like local events, travel, and city guides; you've got a tool that helps you connect and feel right at home in a new place.

Way Studio

Over a span of 2 years, Co. partnered with the Way Studio team. We assisted in different stages of the project's development, strategically guiding the formation of both the product offer and the overall brand strategy. The Bolder team joined us at the stage of developing a visual language and immediately became an essential and indispensable partner who deeply immersed themselves in all functions, listened attentively at every step, and helped our project find its unique voice and image.

Ksenia Perminova

Strategist and founder
of Way Studio


Crafting the
brand essence

We thought of Co. as an interface for living in a city. 

This concept encompasses the two main parts, which formulate the brand's essence:

Interface: A convenient digital tool providing comfortable 

and rapid access through a single window to all the city's 
services and events.

Life in the City: Co. supports and initiates this, making 

the transition to a new city smooth and allowing

individuals to participate in local life actively.

Based on that, we crafted Co's mission: to enable everyone to feel like a city dweller, not just a tourist, in any part of the world. It provides the opportunity to become a citizen of the world, connecting seamlessly with local communities and embracing global urban living.

Way Studio




Co. is an ecosystem for human interaction with a new city. The initial modular unit of
the concept is the network of urban streets, blocks, and squares of these new cities.


The second component of the graphic metaphor is the geometric shape of the buttons and digital interfaces, which link with the user experience in the large ecosystem of Co.'s services.



We connected these two graphical metaphors to create a unique Co. pattern. This pattern became a powerful visual tool for us to create infinite compositions. We designed the resulting identity to communicate the idea of comfortable and exciting user interaction with all niches 
of urban life, for which Co. serves as a guide.






We decomposed the developed identity into digital and non-digital channels. We created a set of templates for internal digital usage, from branded presentation templates to team sticker packs. We adapted the brand identity to various social media channels and formats, including navigating the users to 11+ sections. Additionally, we created a set of non-digital merch, including branded apparel.




We extensively worked with the client to select the final version, considering various metaphors and meanings




The entire team was impassioned by the project and fully immersed themselves in its essence.

We worked like a unified team that had been together for months, and everything was done on time. All our requests and comments were heard, and communication took place in a super eco-friendly format. What surprised me most was the team's seamless collaboration; they worked as one mind. Sometimes it seemed they understood the product better than I did – it was just fantastic! I was also impressed that they delivered more than our scope of work. Check the full review on clutch

Max Zaikin

Founder and CEO, Co.


Project team

Brand Identity

Content Design

Angelina Zaitseva

Hanna Chemery

Alla Meller

Polli Mulik

Operations Lead

Creative Copywriter

Graphic Designer // Art Director

Graphic Designer



Brand Strategy


Strategist and
Founder, Way Studio